Saturday, June 30, 2012

Using bundler with executables

What Is Bundler?

Bundler is a ruby gem loading system. It loads up all the relevant gems for your project, and ensures the versions are correct, before your app takes over.

How do I ensure that my executables are bundler aware?

When doing a bundle install (or just bundle), always add the option --binstubs. This will create binary wrappers in the bin/ folder of your project. bundle --binstubs

Instead of executing commands directly like this: rake

Execute the command command that is in the bin folder. ./bin/rake

Do I check these /bin/* files in?

I usually git ignore them, but, according to the documentation, it's safe to check in.

I hate typing ./bin/rake every time!

No problem. You can add a relative path like ./bin to your $PATH

  • If you are using rbenv, just add ./bin to your path in your ~/.bashrc
  • If you are using rvm, add ./bin into every .rvmrc


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